Day: April 12, 2016



Love is shared. There are different ways of expressing it. Others feel they could lie down for their loved ones to walk over them. Others think it is sanity. As one is able to show his or her emotions to other’s they make them feel appreciated. Hidden emotions leads to a lot of complications always.


Just as the wind blows always,

The sun shines all day,

The stars appear all night,

Complementing the moon,

Aids us to see always at night.

He watches us always.

Having breadth always,

We always enjoy the benefits of life,

Singing praises always and

Rejoicing always.

Because, there is always a reason.

He is always there for you.

He is always there for me.

He is always there for us.



Josie was fortunate haven gotten admission into one of the good high schools in her city. That faithful day, she was very excited because it was one of the good schools and well known in the country. As default, she tried to hide the excitement and pretended to have preferred a different school. The school and it’s environment made her realize some of her interests. As time went by, she became known for those abilities though she was a bit shy and appeared only when necessary. Josie had big plans in the world of entertainment. She had aspirations of becoming a great person nation wide and also impact positively in the lives of others especially the youth. Does it seem difficult a task to you? I guess it is to you because in this current world, nothing is free. We need the help of others to get what we really want. Actually, to Josie, it seemed like ‘a dream must come true’. She believes everything is possible with God Almighty.  Despite all her confidence, she feared and worried about one thing. Well, it’s definitely not what you are thinking of. It’s not the issue of finance. You know what? She is not rich, neither is she a daughter of a billionaire yet she worries not about finances. NOTE: I do not write to let you know that money isn’t everything you need to work on a project. Of course without money, you have no capacity to get a car in the human realm and understanding. Josie worries most about how positive or negative her project will be on the society. She wants that all her moves in life, be made to the glory of God. But how???