An interesting stuff to share today… How does it feel to assist someone? Okay, hold on. Lol.. How does it feel to carry a lady’s bag? It’s quiet amazing how guys take delight in piggybacking their ladies but find it difficult carrying their bags. The Little things they can do at least to pamper the ladies too is being seen as burdensome. AABA! ‘shaking my head in my head’. lol.

18 thoughts on “A PROBLEM WITH GUYS

  1. Lol… I believe it’s changing now cos most guys r seen carrying their ladies’ bags around town and the look on their faces suggest they enjoy doing it.


  2. When it gets to getting things from the bag, it transcends from being romantic to “becoming a slave”. My opinion though. .. lol


  3. hmmm. i agree with Godsway. guys normally luv to hold ladies bag but it becomes irritate when the lady starts to command him here and there abt taking the stuffs from her bag.


  4. The only one G is God,I believe and I trust him.Am a sinner and I always ask for forgiveness,he does answers my prayers and forgives me.Thank you Big G (GOD) for my life.bless


  5. but ladies do not allow guys to look into their bags, why then should they carry it if they can’t look into it.

    have to know what you carrying.

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