Why do I say so?

Friends are always there for you.

What do I mean by ‘they are always there for you’?

Well let’s see…

Many are called friends and solacers in your gleefulness.

In your anguish, when you need someone to console you,

You find a few.

Why? Because they have schedules and probably, the timing is very bad.

The few we get to stay with are the ones we least cherished

Such is life.

Life is such that, it becomes a difficult task finding the right people to mingle with.

Life is such that, we have the good ones come around us always and yet we fail to identify them.

There are always good friends ready to mingle but it takes an ideal effort to find them.

Some friends are willing to go through the worse moments of our lives with us

just as our family does.

We classify those ones as real friends.

What then would you call the others?

Though there are challenges involved,

You always find a way out.

It takes absolute commitment to overcome and sustain it.

When relationships are maintained,

Years go by and yet they still hold,

Always cozy as established.


21 thoughts on “FRIENDS

  1. Indeed true friends are so precious and priceless that you can early let go of that relationship even at when u are offended by ones actions, u know they are too valuable, I value ur friendship gal.

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  2. wow friends. cherishable frnds always comeby but de moment u find the beauty in them dey vanish n tears flow from de beauty of ur eyes. i classify my frnds as my stars bcos dear always come in ur life to brighten u wid dear sparkles. i advice every1 dat luv ur frnds no matter hw dey are n respect dear views as frnds.


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