Why must someone succeed where as the other loses or struggles?

I don’t have to forget that we differ from each other right?


Looking at how people turn pouty when things go bad for them,

I feel like they are sans the love of God.

But what to do?


Different aspirations,

Different dreams,

Different plans and procedures to arrive at a goal.

We know that the greatest defeat is “giving up”


Why should I get involved in an activity which is a pie in a sky?

Put in all efforts and after some time, it looks like I’ve had my chips?


Some people fail to adopt the hallmark of success;

Patience, persistence and passion.

Those wonderful “Ps” can help save a lot in terms of money, time and effort.


Why should you fail to plan when you know this adage “failing to Plan is planning to Fail”?

Planning is a necessary ingredient in the recipe of success.

I infer that Planning directs your thoughts and actions towards your dreams and so

You understand how essential it is to have a plan in life.


Successful people have this in mind and we realize that their businesses are just improving by leaps and bounds.

If you find out that your business or activity is a dog eat dog, just ensure you strive harder to sink or swim.


Do you know it is best to chance your arm anyways?

Because I believe No one was born a failure.




The choice has always been ours.

Did you know that?

My dear,

I advise you make realistic goals and have some values to guide you in the journey of success.

15 thoughts on “….FAILURE AND SUCCESS….

  1. I believe i am a success because i believe not to give up on everything you do but you need to keep up and look straight at the future and not turn back when you fail.

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  2. nice…..
    if at first you dont succeed try again, if you fail; try again and again and again
    then you will gain experience to succeed. one step at a time takes you closer to your destination

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  3. we all av stars which glows and stands for ur destiny and ur future. glow of the star never goes deem it always shines to expand ur territory which makes us successful. Jesus is an example of that. a star was shown as His glory n dis glory lead Him through.

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