What do you think about gifts?

Do you think it is right to receive gifts from anyone?

What if it is from a friend?

How should you react towards it?

What expressions should you display when you find the gift unpleasant?

Anyways, some years ago, back in high school, I got the chance to learn a lot from my colleagues and seniors. It was kind of awkward to me when I realized I had the responsibility of coping and dealing with all the circumstances. You know It can be annoying putting up with girls. We were about 20 girls in a dormitory. Each one of us differ from each other. Reasoning in diverse ways, different backgrounds and upbringing. Despite our differences, we decided to have an activity together as a family after 2 years of familiarity. We found exchange of gifts very cool. It was scheduled after our summer break (long vacation). We presumed that it was long a period for each one of us to plan and come up with a super-duper idea as a present to impress someone. But you know what? Some people managed to forget about it. How come? Well, we are humans. Even with that, do you know the activity didn’t come of the very day we resumed? We had to wait for those who were yet to come. Those who came without the gifts were fortunate. One of the girls was still unable to get something. Do you know why? She didn’t have money. She managed to get something else though meager. I believe a gift is a gift. According to the MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY, “a gift is something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without any compensation”. In addition to it, I think the nature and size of a gift is based on the capacity of the one giving. I mean, you don’t expect a student without any form of employment and income to buy you a car as a present right? That is why I think you should accept whatever another person managed to give to you as a gift irrespective of the size and brand. Talking about “brand”, I will come back to it.

Now back to my high school story. The girl presented the gift to the person she had picked okay. Apparently, the recipient had used a lot of money to get a nice present for another person whom she had picked. You can imagine what the reactions were. She had a feeling of rancor for the girl who had given her the gift. Try analyzing it okay. She felt cheated in a way and unfairly treated. She was expecting something of much value and not necessarily equal to what she bought. You could assess her displeasure in her eyes. Amazingly, she rejected the gift and threw it back at the giver’s face.

Unbelievable right? If you are getting to know about it for the first time then, maybe you should try it and see.

You know some people are just good at accepting gifts of any kind. It’s just as simple as ABC. Simple statements like “Thank You, I appreciate, I love it, you are a darling, God bless you”, should be found in everyone’s vocabulary. How does it feel to be appreciated for being thoughtful? I have learnt that, no matter the value of a gift, you should be in the best position to appreciate it.

In a case where you received a gift much more expensive than what you bought, there is no shame in it. You will feel odd about it but you should be able to appreciate it without condemning yourself for being unable to give out an expensive gift.

In a case where you were unable to offer a gift, there is no need to worry. You know why? Because I mentioned earlier that, a gift is an “involuntary transfer” and so you are not under any obligation to reciprocate it. Based on you capacity, you can provide.

Back to the “brand”. I hope you don’t expect to see your favorite brand name, colours and design before you get to know that you have indeed received a gift. A gift can be made by the giver and you know those ones contain or show the expression of love and concern. I appreciate such gifts a lot. The fact that the person included that in his or her time and designed or created it for you shows much love. It tells you that you are a part of his or her thoughts and life.

Valentine’s Day, Christmas day, birthdays and other joyful days can be made memorable in your own ways. Someone can decide to use his or her talent to make those days memorable. He or she may decide to surprise his or her friends by organizing a music concert at home where he or she sings to express hidden emotions. You can also decide to design some art works and present it to your friends. You should also know that, friends and loved ones should be those who are always ready to appreciate who you are. One of the gifts you can offer them will be your success and hard work. If you are able to excel in a field they wish for, it will be very nice to give them your success. It is very necessary to identify and give nice gifts to our friends in order to make them happy irrespective of its value.





  1. hmmm av been a victim to before
    this exchange of gift stuff, i managed to get something presentable to a friend and in return i had no gift; surprisingly i facilitated the exchange

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