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Have you crushed on anyone before?

Ohhhhh!!! I need not ask because it is normal as a human being. Well, I once asked my sister about her crushes and guess the response I got. She told me she never had a crush on anyone before. As disappointed as I was, I asked several times in order to confirm it but she kept saying, “I don’t have a crush. I never had one”. I had no choice than to let go because what do I care? According to research, almost everyone has a celebrity crush. That crush usually causes a lot of emotional challenges and causes you to be unstable. Its quiet interesting having crushes on celebrities despite the gender difference. They usually crush on the personality of the person. I say “it causes emotional challenges”, why? Because, you fail to understand the fact that you aren’t the only one crushing at the time. For all you may know, your dad or mom is also crushing on that particular person and you end up battling with your emotions because at that time you want to have the celebrity to yourself. You end up fantasizing day and night and yet remain at the same level. The special gift is that, we amazingly grow out of these illusions psychologically. Usually kids experience this at a higher level. When I was a little girl, I loved to listen and sing westlife songs because they are soothing and peaceful. I had a crush on Mark feehily.

mark feehily

I loved his eyes because they are captivating, his romantic voice, charming looks and body stature. Each time I listened to their songs, I always looked forward to hearing him do a solo. He just captured my emotions at the time when I was a kid. Can you imagine? But now I’m all grown up you know right? With this kind of crush, I don’t really have an advice because it will vanish with time. You just have to ensure you don’t act dumb. Your emotions can make you resent someone and cause a jeopardy. Don’t you know that?

Anyways, you can also find yourself crushing on a total stranger. A person walks pass you and at the drop of the hat, you become dumbfounded and tend to ignore whoever you were talking to or what you were doing. That kind of crush is insignificant. You easily forget about the person though there may be some sort of fantasizing for a while. You may not meet the person again. Unless you are courageous enough to approach him or her and make your intentions known.


Another type of crush that I know of is where you crush on your best friend’s boyfriend. As for me, I don’t understand why you should crush on your friend’s boyfriend. It may be a different issue if the crush was before they met and started dating. Well, crushing is nothing serious though. If you try looking into it, you will find out that it comes with a lot of confusion, opposition and hatred. Do you know why? As Pearl dates Peter, Pearl’s best friend Pamela crushes on Peter. What do you think will happen? You already know that, Pearl will always like to talk about Peter to Pamela without knowing what Pamela feels okay. You will get to know that, issues relating to Peter and Pearl will always infuriate Pamela. She may even try to turn them against each other.


Why will Pamela act as though she is in love with Peter or Peter was her Man? Dear readers, Love, Love, Love is very, very, very different from Crush, Crush, Crush. Some people will call it infatuation. In as much as they both are feelings, it takes a lot of efforts to differentiate it. This is not based on your level of education, I say. Actually, Pamela wasn’t in the better position to understand her emotions that is why you will have her put up such an act. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY “PAMELA” PLEASE SHARE THE RESULTS HERE? YOU CAN ALSO SHARE, IF YOU HAVE BEEN A “PAMELA” BEFORE.

Let’s turn it around and see.


What if James dates Joan and on the other side, John a friend of James, crushes on Joan? PLEASE SHARE. I know that this issue is rare among guys. Guys don’t usually harass the girlfriends of their friends. They always want to show that they are men and show of their courage. Well, that’s not a bad idea at all because it promotes peace.

I’m not through with the scenarios. I almost forgot about the crushes on same sex. Some people support same sex relationship but I don’t so pardon me if I sound offensive. I have thought about why someone may mistakenly crush on same sex and have come to realize it depends on the disciplining of the mind and your thoughts. I believe whatever we do is backed by the brain and so you choose what to do with your life at any point in time. Don’t get me wrong please. I am straight but I once admired a girl in high school. She had nice looks, walked like a guy, and had the hair cut of guys often, danced like a guy, talked like a guy, always charming and thoughtful. When I first met her, she had dressed like a guy so you can imagine. After sometime, I found out she was a girl. The “emotions” were still there. My heart beats each time I saw her. After sometime, I realized it was sanity and the moment I focused my thoughts, everything came back to normal. You feel the magic in the air? Lool…. I’m serious.


All I want to say is that, as you crush on someone, failure to identify the emotions leads to a whole lot.

Let’s see what your views are, I may revise this.

Thanks for reading.

37 thoughts on “CRUSH

    1. awww…. I understand that feeling.. Best feeling ever. The moment you find out about it, you become the happiest person on earth and have the feeling of flying.. hahaaaa…


  1. Ladies usually crush on guys based on their physical appearance so we sometimes get disappointed when they are not what we imagined. Trust me, I’ve been there….done that

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  2. ohh lala this is my battle field. i usually av crashes since primary but all that i do to save me from emotional disaster is me saying to myself that this guy is engage n with dat wen i see him the tension goes down a bit. i angree wid all the scenarios given but 1 tin i tell most teenagers is that, have control over ur feelings. wen the feelings is going to the wrong side, redirect it to the right side bcos u are the master of ur body not ur feelings.


  3. when some people have a crush on others, they go to the extent of doing crazy things…
    But all this happens for a reason


  4. Interesting!! I really love this whole thing about “crush” and I love your story..big ups!!!#…I have really be a celebrity crush was Sonnie badu..really funny

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  5. Haha for as long as I can remembe(and people around me too can) I’ve always wanted to be Justin Timberlake’s wife and baby mama! [Pls let him know. I’ve tried😢😢].
    Crushes are was for me. I’ve had bus crush.. church crush.. intern crush. I’ve had crushes while dating others, even when I had a bf. Nah its alright

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