Your love is beyond measure

Reciprocating my love for you is beyond a treasure

We seem to attract each other

And repel others

The connection seeks to propel people from us

The agin never ceases to amaze us

We perfectly enunciated our words to the world

Capable of building strong walls of love

Never will a brick wall of love collapse

Due to the sum of investment

Walls of love are always outstanding

Tall as the tallest mountain

Eager to publicize itself

A well nurtured emotions

Is being translated into

An inseparable union

Steadfast and strong

More than a conqueror

None is akin to ours

Our actions show the strength of our love

We never cease to miss each other

How we detest the clock that tells the time

It ticks and tocks in a circular motion

And tries to separate us with its power

The clock that ticks and tocks

Is an independent phenomenon

We just can’t help but bemuse its nature

We are filled with indignation

Such that, we sought for means

The means to crush and destroy

If I find any kind akin to ours

I will be overwhelmed


We have our ways shrouded by secrets

It is too obscure to be figured out



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