BB is known to be a very committed business man. He is known to be a role model of many young individuals. He was interviewed recently and the conversation was as follows;

Interviewer: “So Mr. BB, how often do you go to work as the manager?”

Mr. BB: “Every day.” “Unless I have to attend an important meeting early in the morning.” “But I do pass by the office sometimes and ensure to return before the day ends.”

Interviewer: “Wow!” “I knew you to be very committed to everything you are involved with but I didn’t Know it was to this extent. I’m impressed.”

Mr. BB: “Well, Thanks! God has always been good to me.”

Interviewer: “Ahaa!” “Come to think of it, can you tell us how good God has been to you?”

Mr. BB: “Actually, as a Christian, I always remember to entrust all my activities into the hands of my God and I have been grateful to “Him” for my success.” “I mean He turns all my dreams into reality.”

Interviewer: “That was very powerful.” “If I may ask, do you go to church often?”

Mr. BB: Oh yeah. I endeavor to be present every Sundays.

Interviewer: “Good to know.” “What is your view on ‘giving’?”

Mr. BB: “The bible says;” “Give and it shall be given on to you”. “So I give out when necessary.”


Mr. BB gives at church whenever there is a need to do so. He is well-known and respected. Mr. BB goes to church only on Sundays. He is a very busy man. He listens to worship songs every morning and thanks the Lord for a sound sleep. He also commits his day’s work into the Lords hands. He doesn’t have time to scrutinize the bible but listens to a short verse on the radio. You know how business men never miss the news in the dailies right? No comment!



Church service begins at 9:00am.

Pastor/ Priest begins the service at exactly 9:00am.

BB comes in at 10:00am.

Listens to the word and pays offering.

Doesn’t wait for announcement and the benediction.

Leaves church at 11:30am.

Service ends at 12:00 noon.


Is BB a Christian or a believer? Please drop your views in the comment box below.




  1. although he believes in God but doesn’t want to waste much time at the present of God..I can say he is a believer since he knows definitely God is behind his success..n BB donates much at the church ..Does Good of him others may have but finds it difficult to give.


  2. He believes much in what he is doing and he is assured that whatever he is doing, will earn him the title as a christian. But to run the race of a Christian is what he is reluctant of.

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  3. Mr BB is a Christian. He believes in God and I believe he believes in Jesus as well. I think he’s only issue is his commitment to the things of God. I’m sure the more he listens to the Word of God, he’ll become a better Christian.

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  4. the church attendance doesn’t count to me as much
    sometimes some activities of some churches seems like a “waste” of time
    there are times you just feel like listening to the sermon……….and it ends just right there

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  5. BB is a christian but not fully a believer because to be a “believer” you have to fulfill all your church obligations. You have to be there before service starts & wait for the benediction too. It’s very important.

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  6. i think he is christian but not a believer.This is because he goes to church because he thinks he has to and gives because he thinks he has to.He goes to church late because he wants to be seen entering and the same as he leaves early.thus don’t think he believes.

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