Shoes protect us

Clothes protect us

The feet needs shoes

The body needs clothes


The feet can succumb to infections as you walk barefooted

The body can also attract diseases as you move about naked

Shoes were made to enable us travel far

Clothes were also made to shelter the body for easy movement


The functions of both shoes and clothes are related

They form part of the main features for attraction

It is clearly seen by everyone

Being it good or very bad


Shoes and clothes have value

Their value is calculated in monetary terms

It is also ranked based on quality

There are expensive ones

Just as there are cheap ones


Shoes are capable of taking you to good places

Clothes can give you the license to enter nice places

A lady was overestimated because of her clothes

And made to walk on the runway because of her shoes


clothing trends

Shoes and clothes are to be in good shape

They are to be selected wisely

People plan to patronize pretty shoes

Bad clothes and shoes does cause people great losses

Look good to impressLook good to be blessed

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