“You cannot change yesterday but you can do something today to change tomorrow”. Those are the words of an anonymous pastor.

Most successful people failed sometime back. They identified the setbacks, invested in an opportunity and fulfilled their dreams. It is literally easy but practically difficult. That is why anyone who manages to pass that test of time, is called a successful person, a hero or a heroine. We were not born failures neither were we born to be poor. The situation in which you are caught up in now, doesn’t determine your stand. Mom and Dad have always been poor and so what? It doesn’t mean you will also be poor. None of your family members made it to the top and so what? You are very different from each other. Who knows? You may have been created to identify the challenges and implement a change. I believe we all have a purpose and so you should always know that you are at a particular place for a reason and without you, that thing may not exist. Whatever gift you have should be used to help save a life. Nothing was given to us for no reason and so you need to use it for the purpose which it was given. Some people tend to rely on others all the time. When will someone also tap from you? Do you know that we don’t have all the time in the world to ourselves? With that in mind, you will endeavor to achieve your objectives as quickly as possible. If you are a singer, put in your best. Sing to the glorification of the Lord. Sing to touch the lives of others. If you are a speaker, ensure you give to your audience the relevant information. If you think you are a good writer but in your diary, what is the significance of the impact? Why don’t you share what you have? The very day the world gets to read your article, a soul could be won in order to populate the kingdom. Never give up because it is a sign of weakness.


Will you like to marry a weak man or woman?

I’m not sure your answer is “Yes”. Everyone is now watchful and attentive to their decisions in life. There is no time to waste. If you are thinking of giving up something because you think you can’t do it, begin to focus your thoughts in the right direction. The beginning of an activity always comes with hardship and solutions. You have to face those challenges and there are always solutions to them. I began administrating this blog without thinking of any challenges. Lol.. Actually, I just wanted to have something doing without any huge plans at the initial stages. I thought it was cool until friends voluntarily gave me ideas. I gave an ear to all and I’m always ready to listen. I always want to do my best in everything I do and so I listen to the views of others. That is how we should be in order to achieve our aim because you do not own all the knowledge in the world. You should give heed to any suggestion, even the smallest one of all is equally important.

Please remember to make a change now to get to your future as you leave your past behind.


Jon Hamm at the age of 27, couldn’t find any work and was dropped by the William Morris Agency. He vowed to quit acting if he couldn’t get his career rolling by 30. Fortunately, he landed a role on the NBC drama Providence at age 29. That is an example of my discussion today.


Santa Clause 2 premiere


Tim Allen In his mid-twenties, spent over two years in federal prison for selling cocaine. The experience forced him to turn his life around and revive his stand-up career. Here is a typical example of my discussion.

I guess you are convinced and this article really made sense to you. It should be in the position to make a change somewhere in the world. Let us all be concerned about the nation, our friends, families and the society for we are responsible for each other’s well-being.


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