Do you remember some time ago the basic means for communication for you and I were Phone calls and Text Messages?



I also remember there were text messaging books being sold on the market for those of us who found it cumbersome putting our thoughts together for our friends and loved ones as messages.

Do you remember how much you spent on credit? Actually, during that time, the cost was relatively low as compared to now. I mean you could transfer credit worth Ghc 0.35 and you were likely to use it for a longer period. The minimum amount we can buy now is Ghc 1.00 which would last for about 2 minutes. Those days, we had packages to boost the usage. Free night calls and free text messaging were all available. This really had an effect on some of the young people with cell phones. In a sense that, they retired to bed as early as 2:00 am, woke up as late as 6:00 am in order to prepare for school and arrived at school as late as 8:00 am. Side effects; insufficient sleep, less time to study, less energy to play and work. We are now fortunate to have Whatsapp messenger, Facebook messenger, Viber, Snap chat and the others. The network providers have also been thoughtful and made it flexible for us all. Vodafone X makes it possible for us to access Whatsapp and Facebook for free.


Have you realized it is difficult making friends on Facebook now unlike those days? The ladies feel reluctant in giving their contact numbers to the guys. Lol. The guys don’t also know how and when to ask for the contact number. Check this out.

Obed sent a friend request to Joy.

Joy accepts it.



Obed: “Hello pretty”

Joy: “Hi handsome”

Obed: “Thanks for accepting me.”

Joy: “Don’t mention”

Obed: “I’d like us to chat on Whatsapp so send me your digits dear.”

Joy: “Okay dear.”

Joy disconnects the chat with Obed.

Hahahaaa… Did you see that?

Joy avoided saying “No” to Obed by going offline.

Did you really expect Joy to give him her contact number?

Check this out…..


Eric sends Pearl a friend request.

Pearl accepts the friend request:




Eric: “Hi!” “Thanks for accepting me as a friend.”

Pearl: “It’s a pleasure.”

Eric: “How has your day been like?”

Pearl: “A bit stressful.” “How about yours?”

Eric: “Same here.” “What do you do?”

Pearl: “I’m a student at UPSA.”

Eric: “That’s cool.” “What program are you reading?”

Pearl: “Banking and finance.”

Eric: “Great!” “I completed University of Ghana and I’m currently working at Ecobank.”

Pearl: “Interesting.” “How is the work treating you?”

Eric: “I’m coping dear.”

Pearl: “Okay.” “Where do you fellowship?”

Eric: “St. Michael Catholic Church, 37. How about you?”

Pearl: “Wow!” “I’m also a catholic and I fellowship at St. Catherine, Burma-Camp.”

Eric: “Pearl, It’s late and I’d have to be at work early tomorrow so I’ve got to leave you now.”

Pearl: “Really!” “I understand.” “We shall continue another day.”

Eric: “Sure.” “Have a good night.”

Pearl: “Sound sleep.”


Eric: “Hello dear”

Pearl: “Hi, how are you doing?”

Eric: “I’m fine.” “How are you?”

Pearl: “I’m also fine.” “Thanks!”

Eric:” I had a rough day at work and will be sleeping soon.” “I’m here to say good night.”

Pearl: “Aww…” “I’m sorry about that.” “I hope you’ve had dinner.”

Eric: “Thanks dear.” “I have.” “I would love to maintain our relationship.” “Can we exchange contacts to break the boundary?”

Pearl: “Sure.” “I’d love that too.” “026******* that’s my number.”


Did you notice the difference?

Actually, Joy saw Obed as a stranger. She knew little of him and wasn’t sure if she would like to be friends with him. She didn’t know if they had a common interest. Mostly we accept anyone and so if we decide to distribute contacts to all, how will the world be like?



Whatsapp makes it possible for you to chat with friends. You get to chat with someone when you have his or her contact number. You can also gain access to someone’s contact number in a group. People do abuse this too. People distribute contacts they steal from groups. Loll. Send horrifying messages to infuriate you. Others do come with good intentions and we tend to enjoy their conversations.

Life partners can be met on Whatsapp or Facebook. Your friends are making good use of social media, how about you?

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