One may say he or she feels lonely when no one is around. Others also feel lonely when they are depressed or brokenhearted. They desire for the care and compassion of others in order to cheer up. Indirectly, they are seen a dependent individuals who are incapable of putting themselves together or fend for themselves. A choleric does not delineate such a character. I am convinced that, I am a choleric and so you should fathom out the reason why I say I don’t feel lonely. I have a lot of reactions to situations in life and I’m going to tell you about some of them.

Am I home alone?

  1. Then I should watch a movie. Series on tele or the Korean series I have on my PC.
  2. Watch videos on YouTube. I find answers to whatever I look out for on the internet.
  3. Orchestrate a choreography for my friends at church. It usually makes me watch videos. My interest was boosted when I got access to this free internet data from my dad. I pray it never ceases to flow. Hahaaa… I usually don’t like free things but this is from my dad so you should apprehend.
  4. Most of the times, you will find me lost in wonderland if only you could get there. The intensity was very high during my high school days and I really loved it. I don’t seem to have any time to spare on that anymore due to an upgrade in some responsibilities. I mean it was really interesting seeing myself as a superstar, hosting programs, and being loved by all. Well my aspirations have slightly drifted away from that category.
  5. Take pictures. It’s normal for a lady to have thousands of images on her cell phone, PC or album because the descriptive word “beautiful” goes to ladies (females) only. At times, I take a scary shot and ask myself; “Is this really me?” It hurts my heart to lose any of my pictures whether pretty or ugly.
  6. I can listen to music. I search for music tracks and their lyrics. I try to learn the lyrics, get a karaoke and then sing as I record my hard work. Sometimes I share the ones I love with my friends, not to show off. I just don’t know why I do that. Loll.
  7. I can also sleep. I enjoy sleeping but hardly remember my dreams. Sleeping is the only peaceful moment for my soul and body. Only if I sleep in the right position, blood circulation is enabled. So I enjoy my sleeping period without disturbances.

Do I have any worries?


  1. I will forget about a tough exam I wrote and never reflect on it until the results are out.
  2. I focus on an interesting issue to forget about an annoying friend.
  3. Listen to a loud music whenever my mum tries to freak me out.
  4. I smashed my cell phone some time ago to avoid phone calls. Loll.
  5. I change my contact number whenever I feel my inbox is jammed up by anonymous persons.
  6. I deactivated my old Facebook account because I thought I had a lot of unknown friends.
  7. I sleep whenever I’m hungry without food.
  8. I am mostly candid and have no guilt.



How can you also overcome loneliness?


Know yourself.

Know your interests.

Know what you lack in your character.

Know exactly what you tap from friends.

Find a correlation among the above.

Figure a way out.


I grew up with the indoor habit but loved to be with friends and so they usually came to my home to play and chat. I used to enjoy the company of my friends until I grew up. Everything is different now as a result of maturity. When I grew up, I realized that, not everyone around me can be called a friend. The fact that I talk to you and perhaps sit next to you in class doesn’t justify our friendship. A lot of people have been disappointed because of friendship. Others benefit from it in diverse ways. I believe that your commitment and value for friendship is determined by the number of friends you have. There is a negative relationship between them. The more friends one has, the lesser the level of commitment. If Gold were to be in abundant supply, then it would have no significant value but because of its scarce nature, it is of great value. All I’m trying to say is that I had few friends and wanted to value them but it wasn’t proportionate to the opposite side. I developed the attitude of independence in high school. I wasn’t the easy-going type and so before I thought I needed a friend to stay by me, it was too late. I had to live as though everything was alright until I became perfectly fine. I know I had an irksome attitude of relating with people but I believe I’m now a changed person.

Try to be independent and you will never be disappointed in life because it is only humans who have that attitude. Our God never disappoints us. I almost forgot to add that true joy and happiness comes from the Lord and so you should put all your burdens on Him and feel the blessings. You will never feel deserted because he said “I will be with you always”



19 thoughts on “WHY DON’T I FEEL LONELY?

  1. hmmmmm don’t even know what to say
    I’ve now realised why you had that attitude
    i always had issues with your reaction to situation
    in-fact you have really changed and matured….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome one dear, is always better to be independent,hv a free mind n put ur trust in the Lord and he will give u the desires of your heart,I LUV THE CHANGE GAL.

    Liked by 2 people

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