How many break up’s have you experienced?

I believe everyone experiences some emotional challenges each time there is a division among couples. One thing I know of is that, as your experiences perpetuate, your system gets used to it and has an influence on your reaction to the break up. Its persistent nature tends to determine the severity of your pain. Why do I say so?

Here is a scenario; Abigail just begun a fitness course to lose stomach fat. She became very weak and sick just after the first lesson. The pain existed for about a week. After the second lesson, the pain became bearable as compared to the experience after the first lesson which lasted for four days. Until Abigail got used to it, she endured the pain until it reduced to zero pain. So in view of this, I think the reaction to the break up is similar to the pain relief in the scenario above.



  1. I don’t think I can love again……. (normal with emotional ladies)
  2. I don’t want to be in any relationship for now…….. (just following the trend)
  3. I hate him………. (lies)
  4. I don’t want to ever see him………. (lies)
  5. I will pass by should we cross paths……….. (lies)
  6. I have deleted his number on my cell phone……….. (But it still exists in the mind)
  7. He can date whoever he wishes to date, that’s his problem……. (have no choice)
  8. I don’t have any of his pictures…………. (but you check for updates on social media)
  9. I think I like someone else………….. (It’s just to occupy space and nothing serious)
  10. Can I ever get his good side in someone else?………..(can’t let go)

The above are the most common statement we hear from the ladies who get ditched by their partners. I mean those who really took the relationship to heart. It is usually uneasy on them especially if it seems to be the first time. Sorry to all the broken-hearted ladies out there but you should know that there are better guys out there to make a perfect match with you. It is difficult at the initial stage to overcome the pain but it requires a lot of effort. Once you get your mind off it and train yourself to love again, you will have so much fun because love is a good thing. It is known that Ladies are seen to put their all into a relationship and when it fails, they feel the world is coming to an end. Loll… Your life doesn’t depend on any relationship. Whether it exists or not, you will still live.



  1. Forget about her after all what?……..(somehow wished he could spend time with her)
  2. I never loved her………. (Did at a point in time)
  3. I am fine as usual…………. (lies)
  4. I was going to break up anyways………. (lies)
  5. I’m the ladies guy…………. (none of them seem to please you)

Well, I tried to put these together even though I’m not a guy. I believe guys don’t really get affected by break ups as compared to that of ladies. Because of their ego and personality, they usually don’t put in much efforts in building a relationship. The only thing I know some of them do, is to go after the ladies to make things work. I mean it is a normal thing guys do and so some of them just come after the lady not with the hope of acceptance but to be seen as such a person.

Relationships become stronger after break ups have been mended. Not necessary but in most cases. Others also have stronger relationships without any break up along the way. Enjoy your relationship.

19 thoughts on “LIFE AFTER A BREAK-UP

  1. Nice post, but guys can have a tough time breaking up and moving on too ! They just don’t share their emotions and feelings thats all. They will take their broken hearts to the grave and not tell a soul.

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