Creativity and being innovative was initiated by God since the day he made the heavens and earth and its associates. He is known as the wisest person among all beings in existence and so whatever he does is indisputable because we believe he knows best.

Mawuko was born with a light skin, she appreciates and loves it. See how fetching her complexion is.



That’s Mimi with the prepossessing beauty of a black African complexion. She endeavors to keep it natural and appealing at all times. Even with a dark skin, she is very pretty.


Dark skin or light skin, we live under the sun and have things in common. The only thing we can do is reveal the beauty of our skin. Others have adopted a strategy in deceiving themselves and the people around them. They will say; “I’m toning my skin”. In the Ghanaian language, they say; “me color aba”. Direct translation is “my color has come”. Preferred translation is “my skin or complexion is glowing”. Interesting right? Do you know why people bleach their skin? Here are some theories behind this act;


White supremacy or white supremacism is a racist ideology centered upon the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior in certain characteristics, traits, and attributes to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore white people should politically, economically and socially rule non-whites. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_supremacy).

White supremacy was dominant in the United States before and after the American civil war and as a result of the civil war, the term was upheld and cited as a cause of state succession. I mean it contributed to the publicity and acceptance of white supremacy in the country. In some parts of the United States, many people who were considered non-white were disenfranchised, barred from government office, and prevented from holding most government jobs. In other words the black Americans were revoked of the right of suffrage or right to vote. The Nationality Act 1790 even restricted the U.S citizenship to only whites. Research shows that this whole issue contributed to the influx of bleaching chemicals, there by encouraging the people to tone their skin. This doesn’t even change who they really are. Born black, black forever whether there was a transformation aided by chemicals or not.

Wikipedia says, Alice walker coined the term colorism which means discrimination based on skin color. This is actually different from racism. Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics whereas Colorism is the prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone. In the year 2008, Ne-yo made a statement about light-shaded individuals and the dark- shaded ones. He said “Light skin people are prettiest, you come from the dark skin people, our ancestors made you”. That’s an insult to those with dark- shaded skin. I think with such comments about them, it will influence their decision to tone their skin.

Aside the theories highlighted above, there may be other factors that could have influenced bleaching and they are as follows;

  • Uneven skin color
  • Lack of the fear of the Lord
  • Inferiority complex

An individual may bleach the skin in other to make it lighter because of uneven skin color. The skin could be partitioned into different pretty faces with colors of dark brown, brown, yellow and even red in it. Hahaaa… Sometimes it can sway an individual to apply certain body creams with strong chemicals which may change the skin color unknowingly.


Somehow lack of the fear of God can cause an individual to bleach because I stated earlier, God knows best and has always been the best creative and innovative person among all beings both visible and invisible. The gospel freaks will always speak against. People can go to the extent of embarrassing you having found out that there has been some modifications in your appearance and it is capable of bringing you emotionally down or the extreme of going nuts.


We all need self- confidence in order to defend whoever we are. Without it we tend to ape the inappropriate lifestyles and later get disappointed. When an individual is being associated with inferiority complex, it means he or she doesn’t feel or believe that he or she is up to standard. An individual must never feel that way when it comes to the matter of the skin and natural gifts from God.

You may strive to meet the standard in the world of competitive industry so as to achieve your goals but it doesn’t apply to the issue of the skin color.


  • After sometime, your artificial light skin will turn dark or too light like “obroni” or should I say an albino? Lol…
  • Your skin may become weaker and begin to shrink like an aged. Hahaaa…. BREAKING NEWS: 25 years old pretty lady now looks like a 90 years old granny. Hahaaa…
  • People will be able to see some of your blood vessels. Sometimes it is green right?
  • Scars all over. But how? You pealing of your skin, is it not close to getting hurt? The scars will come okay without any proper treatment.
  • You will be experiencing an itchy and flaky skin and as you itch your gets an irritation like getting swollen and turning red as though you are blushing on the face.
  • It may be difficult for you to walk in the broad day light because your skin can’t be exposed to the sun and you may not gain the vitamin D. AN ADVISE; you can take vitamin D supplements okay. Lol…

I am pleased with who I am. Sometimes I see my skin with an uneven color and each time thoughts about bleaching comes to mind, my conscience doesn’t permit that. It always reminds me of something. “Hey Abigail! If you die and meet God with a different skin color, do you think he will recognize you? He will get rid of you instantly.” No matter how stubborn I may be in being attentive to my conscience, each time it is concerning my looks and meeting God someday, I never turn it down because it does make a lot of sense. Doesn’t it? Black is beautiful right? It hides all my scars. lol..



After you have read this, it is my prayer that your decisions may be influenced by critical thinking and analysis because not everything in this world is best for you and I. We are just entreated to complete the journey peacefully and the choice is in our hands. Make sure you pay attention to your conscience always.

Your views are always welcomed. Thanks for reading. Love youuuuuuuu!!!!

15 thoughts on “WHY CAN’T I BLEACH MY SKIN?

  1. Wonderful post, I think all colours are unique and beautiful, because God intended it to be that way ! We are born to be ourselves, not to become an imitation of another person. Is that you in the last picture ? You are beautiful ! And so are your friends 😉 Love you too, Cheers 🙂

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  2. Its so sad how you see people in town these days and you wonder if they were the reason why Lucky Dube sang ‘One People, Different Colors’.

    Liked by 1 person

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