The customary definition for Leisure is the time one finds him or herself free from work. The extent to which people enjoy their benefits varies from one person to another. Some of the factors that influences it are;

  • Job demands
  • Status (either married or single)
  • Extra curriculum activities
  • Ambitions
  • Temperament


Charles K. Brightbill defined leisure in his book; “The challenge of leisure” as a block of unoccupied time, spare time, or free time when we are free to rest or do what we choose. Leisure is time beyond that which is required for existence, the things which we must do, biologically, to stay, alive (that is, eat, sleep, eliminate, medicate, and so on): and subsistence, the things we must do to make a living as in work, or prepare to make a living as in school, or pay for what we want done if we do not do it ourselves. Leisure is time in which our feelings of compulsion should be minimal It is discretionary time, the time to be used according to our own judgement or choice.

Well, that’s a combination of different forms of leisure. We realize that there are diverse ways in which we all utilize our leisure time to suit our needs. As I mentioned earlier, the extent to which an individual enjoys his or her leisure varies from person to person depending on some factors that trigger it. The leisure time for a nursing mother is very different from that of a bachelor as the mother seems to have a lot of responsibilities to attend to. I really don’t know what I do when I’m free but I believe the common responses we do hear from people whenever they are being asked “What do you do during your leisure time?” are “I watch or play soccer”, “I watch movies”, I sleep”, “I hang out with friends” and many more.

Some people take the opportunity to identify an activity that is worthwhile. I mean some people see leisure as an opportune time or moment to discover, grab and activate what is best for them. Due to the busy schedule of some individuals, they tend to value each moment granted to them and so it is always of great significance to achieve something every now and then.

Another may say, “Why don’t I just relax? I need it” Of course we need to rest after a long day at work. The body needs it. When we exceed our limits too, we become lazy. What do you think?


  • Make money from your exciting interests.                           money
  • Exercise for body building and fitness.               exercise
  • Get rid of the filth at home and maintain order since you had less time to focus on them.clean.jpg
  • Build your relationship with your friends.IMG-20160524-WA0023
  • Meditate and take not of your ambitions and goals as well as plan to achieve them.plan.jpg
  • Remind yourself and Clear all of your duties and those tasks you may not have time to do when it is required.task.jpg


  1. This is what i do at my leisure time:
    # i read my bible and other books and agurl articles and business news.
    # i also watch movies, play video game with my friends.


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