As I was thinking of an article to publish tonight, I heard someone say “Think about consequences before you act” and instantly, I arrogated it to myself. It made real sense to me and so I decided to think up something interesting.

We insure a property because we seek to provide answers to “What if?”

We provide next of kin because of the same “What if?”

The Pessimist does well in this area but stresses too much on negativity. In order words, it is right to think about the negative aspects of something but not advisable to harp on it. The person who steers clear of it is in a vulnerable position. Some people believe they will never meet any circumstance that will harm them in life because they have God and so if you believe in God, why should you think of the negatives. It is very true but we need to face reality. In life, everything comes in two faces; the good and the bad, positive and negative which needs equal attention. If you concentrate on both sides, you will then be a critical thinker because, you venture to know more. It is after you critically think about the situation, that you get acquainted with the issue and come up with a solution.

Abie’s car arrived at exactly 6:00 pm and she was supposed to catch the 8:00 pm bus to the north. Because of her personality, she tries to be punctual at all times and so couldn’t afford to be late since it was a business arrangement. On her way out, a friend tried to get her to say a word of prayer before setting off and the response was, “Oh please, that should be done on my way because I’m in a haste”. The friend had to walk away a bit worried but he did say a short prayer on her behalf. We can tell from the above, that Abie failed to think about the consequences of being alone without our God. She arrived at the bus station safely but the unforeseen occurred as the bus headed towards the north. Actually, a pastor led the passengers in the bus in prayer prior to their departure. During that time, Abie had a headset on as she listened to music on her IPod and so couldn’t take part in the prayer. About 100km away from their destination, the bus had a life threatening accident and guess what happened. None but Abie was hurt from the accident.

Do you now understand me?

“What if” is always a question we need to respond to before we make a decision. If Abie had thought of life and its danger, she wouldn’t have evaded prayers and nothing would have happened to her.

Students strive to make good grades especially above the pass mark or minimum grade point because they are aware of the circumstances ahead. Lazing about campus and not studying will only yield poor results and may cause the student a loss of any award or even continuity. In view of this, he or she tends to work harder.

Individuals insure their houses, cars and other properties because of the awareness of the consequences of no insurance. Even though insurance is not a “fund for fun”, we don’t suffer great loss should you purchase the appropriate package. You don’t benefit from an insurance pool fund as though it were an investment. That is what I mean by “Fund for Fun”.


Another aspect of the title is the consequences of our actions.

How often do we assume the position or situation of others?

If we all think about the effect or consequences of our actions towards others in the society, there will be peace and order because there will be no harm caused by anyone.

People litter the compound because they believe someone was hired to clean up the mess and so without the filth, the person would have less to do. How is that a problem?

Think about this. If you and I have the habit of maintaining a clean environment, there wouldn’t be huge investment in the hiring of laborers to work instead, procurement of more rubbish cans and sanitation equipment that are cost effective.

If you and I become selfless and caring, we will be able to handle issues and objects in a way that will not affect the emotions of others.

When are we going to adopt this?

The future needs to be prepared by us. The structure we put down today will be the end result for our descendants in the future. If we become greedy today, waste and mishandle things now, let us take time to think about the consequences in the near future and the long- future.

Thanks for reading. Please share.


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