To understand means to have knowledge in something. So if i say “understanding is ideal”, its vague. We get to know something through practise, study or encounter and many more. You may find it easy to comprehend a particular situation and find it very difficult in the other. This shows that there are varieties of situations and their demands. Certain situations require extra effort by reading wide or exploring in order to grasp whatever it holds.

The efforts required to understand a maths problem is very different from that of which is required for English. Maths may be simple depending on the nature of the problem. You may only need a common formular and a mechanical calculator to assist you and it may not consume much of your time. An English assignment on the other hand may be challenging since you may be expected to do somewhat amount of reading and research in order to fathom.

I have also realized that, understanding depends on the individual handling the issue. The level of understanding of a human being varies from person to person. I may be blessed to interpret or process a piece of information within the shortest moment but another person with a lower level of understanding would have to read or listen to it over and over again before he or she may keep up with.

What is so special about UNDERSTANDING?

  • We come come to perceive the significance or cause of an issue which helps in problem solving.
  • We end up arriving at suitable decisions.
  • It helps in making good use of the brain.
  • It improves our learning skills.
  • It helps in an achievement and then after boost self-confidence.

People try to understand themselves because of their knowlede of the benefits of doing so. They may have experienced it themselves or discovered it from others. I know that, once there is understanding of oneself, who we really are, what we able to tolerate and not, our strenghts and weaknesses, we may be strong enough to conquer our weaknesses. Take note: not all weaknesses can be cut off. sometimes, we need to be wise enough to grab an opportunity with the weakness. I say so because, in your attempt to dissolve a particular weakness, you may be fortunate to receive a blessing.

I believe we should pay attention to every little piece of information in life. Always make something out of everything and see how successful you will be.


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