In response to the daily prompts, I had the idea to write about certain things we may have not taken notice of in life.

It was quiet funny when I got to work 20 minutes after the hour 8, the time work is supposed to begin. Knowing very well that I was late, I tried to deceive myself and my supervisor. Can you imagine?

Do you know how?

I rushed into the office and amazingly saw Mr. Ben in his chair, focused on his PC with his usual smiles. Under normal circumstances, I get to the office before him and so seeing him was unexpected. On my way, I had my thoughts only on the head of HR without regards to Mr. Ben. Little did I know that Mr Ben was going to replace the head of HR that day. Lol…

During the times we prepare for work or school, we always pray for a slow movement of the clock which can’t always be the case. We fail to understand that the clock is an independent object and so we need to adjust to its motion.

Most of us pray for longer uninterrupted  sleeping hours so as to enjoy.

When I was very young, each time I went on a trip either with my family or church members, the anxiety to reach our destination was always strong because we wanted to go and have fun.

Get closer to your child and say “Hun let’s go home now” when the child is catching all of the entertainment out there and see his or her reaction. Until they’ve had enough, they have no reasons to quit.

In the office, there are two clocks but one is a bit late. Our boss indirectly drew our attention to it. According to him, we leave for our homes and go for lunch breaks with the late clock and come to work with the other accurate one.

The 2nd clock on the wall faces me directly and so I’m being tempted to watch as I help it count its seconds when I seem to be idle. I don’t like to be idle at work but you know you can’t always have work to do. It is a bad habit to sleep at work as well as fidgeting with your cell phone. Oh my dear, I can’t also read any book during working hours so I have to assist the clock………. Here, I pray for a fast motion.

Slow motion at a party.

Slow motion in an exam hall especially when it is a tough paper.

Slow motion during vacation.

It’s very interesting how we think.

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