Category: Poem



The sound of the music is so cozy,

It makes you feel good and enables you to relax.

It tunes your mind,

controls your thoughts,

Directs your mind towards its impression.

Once it gets hold of you,

You have no power over it.

You fall in love with it,

You get emotional,

You relate it to your life,

You recommend it to others.

My dearies,

You enjoy the sound of the song

only when you are in a good mood.

It’s amazing that

You understand the song really when

You find yourself in a bad mood.


Just as the wind blows always,

The sun shines all day,

The stars appear all night,

Complementing the moon,

Aids us to see always at night.

He watches us always.

Having breadth always,

We always enjoy the benefits of life,

Singing praises always and

Rejoicing always.

Because, there is always a reason.

He is always there for you.

He is always there for me.

He is always there for us.