I love to watch Korean movies a lot. I know this doesn’t sound odd to you because most girls/ ladies enjoy them too. The lord sent a new laptop to me after the old one stopped functioning for about a year and all I could do with it was watch movies although there are other stuffs I do with it. I think this activity takes the highest rank followed by browsing the net which includes watching videos on YouTube.

Most often you find me lost in thoughts and the only place to find me is in the land of fantasy. Immediately the movie ends, I begin to hallucinate. That is not the only effect it has on the individual. Most people are compelled to take action based on what they saw in the movie. It actually appreciates your level of expectations. Once you begin to expect more, you get disappointed and broken-hearted.

Do you know why?

Because, what exists in this world may not be sufficient to satisfy you.

I have heard a number ladies say, Korean movies are just predictable and so they no longer take interest in watching them. They want to watch movies that will keep them in suspense.

It does makes sense to me. Assess this.

In those movies, the moment a rich guy meets a lady with a poor background, he falls in love with her and later faces the consequences because the gap between those two classes is very wide. Well, I know all of that but I still watch them.

Ladies watch those movies and then expect their boyfriends to die or attempt dying for them because they confessed love to them.

Isn’t that drama?

We just allow those movies to control our thinking anyhow it wants to. I’m not trying to say I’m emotionally disciplined. I do fantasize about those things but I guess I haven’t been compelled to take any haste decisions in relation to that.

I know there are ladies out there who are not going to change their minds no matter what they hear. I fall victim of that too. I suggest we watch it as it is without expecting more from this world and we will all be happy. Love youuuu….

18 thoughts on “ISN’T IT DRAMATIC?

  1. I watched a korean drama “you are beautiful ” not a movie but a series of 16 episodes. I enjoyed it .
    Try it if you didn’t. you will definately enjoy it.
    cheers, likhi


  2. Haha, nice piece. It’s exactly what u said. Lots of us sometimes expect to see things like how we see them on these series which is actually wrong.


  3. Are those movies meant for ladies only? Coz I haven’t heard any of my friends talked about it before. Always the ladies.


    1. Heheee… You know its mostly about love and fantasy. Guys don’t really enjoy those kinds. I know of guys who watch it tho. They pass comments like “girls, you always watch korean movies but I see no improvement. You are not learning to be romantic at all.” Can you imagine?.lol. so mean.


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