Are you wondering what this article entails? You will get to know pretty soon so please relax and read more. Once upon a life time when Jude was a little boy. He was cheerful and jolly always. He had the ability to enlighten the moods of those who were sad. He had the passion for comedy and rocked the stage each time he was invited to MC a program or exhibit his talent. Jude was 16 years at the time when he begun to effectuate his plans towards the achievement of his objectives. As young as he was, he was admired by all. He rejected several proposals from girls and guys, young ladies and men, women and old women. He unconsciously left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of the people he drew nearer to. Even those he never had an encounter or a relationship with, wished they had him to themselves. You may not understand but look at it in this perspective. As a lively person gets closer to you, you always wish to have repeated encounters with the person all because he or she is good at what he or she does. He or she has the qualities of maintaining relationships. Usually such persons have less concentration on intentions of getting any further with it. Jude at the age of 16 years, had a height of 6 feet, well-built, beautiful light skin like that of an African-American, curly black hair with a fitting haircut, charming looks and smiles. He had a good sight for fashion and always looked good.

5 years later our star boy begun to sing in a band. They called themselves “The rocksters”. In less than a year, they became famous. From the description above, you can tell that Jude is a very committed and hardworking guy. He received several awards as a singer and a comedian. All that mattered to him in life was success. He never thought about his maker in his walk of life. He lived with his Mother; a single mother who faced all the challenges in life just to bring up her only son. Jude lived all his life without a father. His father died prematurely a day before he was born and caused the mother great pain and suffering while giving birth. A pastor visited her at the maternity ward and prayed for her before Jude could be brought to life because he was on the verge of death. Jude brought joy to his mother and was said to be sent from Heaven. His mother was always grateful to God and so each time he left home for any performance, his mother prayed with him and blessed him. It worked like magic. The intercession of his mother always caused his triumph. He never enjoyed prayers though. He tried several times to avoid the prayer session with his mother but never attained that because his mother was always vigilant. Family members never supported them in any way. His mother worked hard enough to please him and to prevent him from agonizing. Many people envied them without knowing their secret. Do you want to know the secret? You will find out soon. Jude and his band were contracted to stage a performance. The long-awaited dream was at his door step and he couldn’t afford to miss it. Preparations were made for the show without apprising his mother. Can you imagine he abandoned his ailing mother to a hired nurse in order to make an appearance at the program? He got on stage with all the vibes. As a band loved by many, you can imagine the atmosphere. They all hailed and cheered him. Jude grabbed the microphone as the leader. We all knew what he was made of and so had high expectations. Guess what happened? The instrumentalists played a nice intro to cause anxiety. As excited as they were, they hoped to give out their best. Our dear Jude had his mouth move as though he was singing but no sound came. Wow… He could hear himself sing but no one could hear him. How possible? It was like a thunderbolt to all his fans who were awaiting his efforts all along. The incidence was exceptional because it was a divine punishment. Note the following:

  1. He wasn’t religious and had no reverence to God
  2. He disrespected his mother
  3. Avoided the prayers of his mother

He found his way out and left the gathering. He was astonished at the situation and gave it a deep thought.

That day, Jude realized he could do nothing without God on his side and since then, he ceaselessly worshiped God wholeheartedly.

22 thoughts on “THAT DAY…….

  1. From what i learnt from this article is that no matter the success in life you must always connect with your source(i.e God).
    Always believe in God and he will make you shine before men and you will not depart from and all yours plans will effectuate.

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