Month: May 2016



Creativity and being innovative was initiated by God since the day he made the heavens and earth and its associates. He is known as the wisest person among all beings in existence and so whatever he does is indisputable because we believe he knows best.

Mawuko was born with a light skin, she appreciates and loves it. See how fetching her complexion is.



That’s Mimi with the prepossessing beauty of a black African complexion. She endeavors to keep it natural and appealing at all times. Even with a dark skin, she is very pretty.


Dark skin or light skin, we live under the sun and have things in common. The only thing we can do is reveal the beauty of our skin. Others have adopted a strategy in deceiving themselves and the people around them. They will say; “I’m toning my skin”. In the Ghanaian language, they say; “me color aba”. Direct translation is “my color has come”. Preferred translation is “my skin or complexion is glowing”. Interesting right? Do you know why people bleach their skin? Here are some theories behind this act; Continue reading “WHY CAN’T I BLEACH MY SKIN?”



Dating is an advanced form of friendship which most young people enjoy even better than the elders. Why? The elders seem to be occupied with work activities whereas the younger ones have enough time for themselves. Friends share experiences as well as joy and grief. That is similar to what people do when dating. There are other stuffs they don’t have in common. At a point in time, I thought kissing was for couples but it is actually not the case. I hear people say, “I mistakenly kissed my best friend who is a guy but we didn’t intend to go that far”. Seriously! Loll!

Some people establish and maintain really nice friendship which easily attracts the attention of the world. It requires effort and interest. It is the interest that causes you to focus on its improvement.

“Girl-Girl” friendship, girls “Guy-Guy” friendship guys1 and “Girl-Guy” friendship both  are the forms of friendship that I know of among human beings. The most sensitive of all is the “Girl-Guy” friendship which we mostly have this misconception about. We are so smart to sense or suspect otherwise whenever we notice a girl and a guy together often. In some cases, we may be right about it but in others, we are nowhere near the truth. I understand it is based on past information where a guy and girl gets together and in no time, something else goes on. I also know that, some individuals get together with the intention of moving into the advanced which is dating and later realize that they are not meant to be in such a relationship. They were actually made to put you and me to shame. Hahaa … According to research, most people have at least an ex before marriage in this era. The first one fails and they tend to improve upon their mistakes in the next in order to maintain it or lead them into marriage. The same research made me understand that exs don’t really have nice relationships and it can’t even be compared to real friendship. It’s all because; Continue reading “YOU MUST NEVER DATE SOME PEOPLE IN LIFE”